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"Coffea arabica, originates in Ethiopia, Arabica Coffee is Ethiopia's Gift to the World". We have a long history in the coffee trade; The Company has vast experience in Coffee business in Ethiopia, as a local supplier. Sakicha Trading PLC is a fully owned specialized Guji Coffee Trading Company, with sourcing and operation in Key Origins. Sakicha Coffee Export was established on 2nd of December, 1997 in Ethiopia as Coffee supplier by the name of Melaku Kifle in Oromia Region, Guji Zone Coffee Supplier.

Our company known based on Sourcing producing and exporting single origin coffee products in which we owns and operates washing stations in all premier coffee producing regions. Guji, Yirgacheffe and Sidama Zone. We are synonym with Guji Coffee.

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Who We Are

Our Business is based on our core values


By providing quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers, To increase foreign currency input in the country and alleviate the current shortage through exporting quality coffee and to become a market leader in producing and serving quality coffee and related products to the world.


We are committed to providing the finest high-quality coffee beans to our customers. Specialty and Commercial coffee farming, sourcing, grading, trading and exporting the finest coffees of both washed & natural green beans from the birthplace of Arabica coffee to the global coffee buyers and roasters.


Servicing Customer with Consistency; We value our relationships with current and future customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding, guaranteed coffee quality, personal service and efficient delivery. We are currently supplying our specialty organic coffees to our partners.


We are truly fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships.

We are a private Limited of coffee companies, producers, exporters of quality coffee from Ethiopia. The ones that make up our Company are certified coffee companies, with products authorized for export.

Our buyers can trust that they are buying only a 100% Arabica Ethiopia coffee and the highest quality excellent supreme and specialty, direct from Ethiopia to your destination country


The Great Team Will Always Help You

Mr. Melaku Kifle
General Manager

+251 911 245735

Mis. Sina Kifle
Export Manager

+251 911 245372

Mr. Bekure Yimam
Export Manager

+251 973053737

Mis. Bella Kifle

+251 911 282762