Sidamo Coffee

Sidamo was a province in the southern part of Ethiopia, with its capital city at Yirgalem, and after 1978 at Awasa. It was named after an ethnic group native to Ethiopia, called the Sidama, who are located in the south-central part of the country. Their major political state was the ancient Kingdom of Sidama.

REGION: Sidama A: Benesa, Chire, Bona Zuria, Arrpressa&Arbigona, Juji
Sidama B: AletaWendo, Dale, Chuko, Dara, Shebedino, Wensho, Loko Abaya, Amaro&DillaZuria
Sidama C: Wolliata, Kembata&Timbaro
Sidama D: Bale, Chole&Nansebo
Sidama E: South Ari, North Ari, Melo, DenbaGofa, GezeGofa, ArbaminchZuria, Basketo, Derashe, Konso, Konta, Gena Bosa&Esera
ALTITUDE: 1,500 to 2,100 meters above sea level
PROCESS: Washed and Natural, and Specialty
VARIETAL: Indigenous Ethiopian Arabica Coffee
HARVEST MONTHS: September through December
CUPPING NOTES: Overall: Sweet, Clean, Lemon, Pear

Sidama zone is well known for its production of garden (cottage coffee) that is grown in the garden and fertilized with organic nutrients. It produces world class washed coffee due to its ideal soil type, climate, altitude, rainfall and temperature, for the production of high quality coffee. Coffee is grown in the garden and planted at low densities, ranging from 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare. Garden coffee is fertilized with organic nutrients and is often intercropped with inset (false banana). Sidama coffee is known for its high quality across the world and has built a reputation over many decades. Sidama coffee is low yielding variety with the highest cup quality. Sidama bean is small to medium size, greenish gray color and it has balanced taste and fine flavor with distinct sweetness. It has fine acidity, good body and is always sold as specialty coffee.

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